2021 U-Pick Sour Cherries

(update: July 21) FIRST U-PICK DATE for the Bruno Sour Cherry orchard just announced: SUNDAY, JULY 25, 8 am to dark.
More dates to come, including Cherry Sunday, if the crop holds out. Refresh this page / clear your browser cache to see latest updates.
$15 for 4 litres. Bring your own pails, water bottle and sunscreen.
Orchard located behind and NE of St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission, 650 Ursuline Ave., Bruno Saskatchewan .
More info, please contact Everyday Farms (www.EverydayFarms.ca / www.Facebook.com/SaskTartCherries)
(July 18) Picking dates for 2021 have not yet been set.

For more information about the Bruno sour cherry orchards located on the grounds of St. Therese Institute, please contact Everyday Farms (everydayfarms.caeverydayfarms.ca), 306-290-6636 or via Facebook (facebook.com/sasktartcherries/)